TechTO Case Study: Wattpad

In 2006 Allen Lau and Ivan Yeun teamed up to launch Wattpad with the goal to build a reading app that enabled people to create and discover great stories to read. Over the next 10 years, Wattpad became the leading reading app and by 2016 they had 45 million monthly users, 2.3 million writers and 300 million original stories shared on the platform. As Allen thought of the future of Wattpad there were more opportunities to grow the company than ever before, the question is what is the best path forward? Jump into the founder’s seat with Allen and share your ideas and advice on carving a path forward for a scaling company. You will learn:
  • How tech leaders make decisions and plan for future growth
  • How to navigate the roadblocks of pivoting and growing
  • What are the risks and opportunities of taking a company to the next level