Social Enterprise Day Conference: The Path to Sustainability

Did you know that the third Thursday in November is recognized as Social Enterprise Day? It went global in 2017 and we want to celebrate it with you! To grow impact and operate sustainably, social enterprises require unique resources and support. Keeping this in mind, we have set up the day to address prevalent issues in planning and running social enterprises. There will also be lots of time to interact with experts and participants of our growing social enterprise community. This event is designed for:
  • For-profit and non-profit social enterprises
  • Social purpose projects
  • Founders, leaders, employees and volunteers contributing to these organizations and projects
  • Individuals interested in working with the social enterprise sector
  • Community leaders working with social and cultural issues
  • Social enterprise and local leaders who want to share their work and ideas
  • Individuals looking to kickstart a new social enterprise idea
  • Any field of work or study