RBC Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The 2018 RBC Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is U of T’s top pitch competition to recognize, reward and accelerate U of T’s up-and-coming startups across the tri-campus. Taking place during the Entrepreneurship@UofT Week Startup Showcase on March 1st from 2:30pm-5:30pm at MaRS, 10 finalists will compete for $50,000 in prizes by pitching their business idea to a panel of judges. Come see 10 of UofT’s top startups compete and vote for your favourite in the People’s Choice Award ($1000). Register here and read more about the finalists below.

Early Stage Category (2:30pm-3:45pm)

krippit is a 3D Technology company that designs functional high heel accessories in order to protect and provides confidence to women wearing their favorite pair of heels. krippit’s unique one-size-fits-all high heel protector provides stability and protection to women walking in grass, across grates, and in cobblestone.  Neuroblot: Approximately 50 million people live with dementia worldwide, and this number will triple by 2050. We have developed a personalized memory test (NeuroBlot) that leverages social media to replace the current standard of generic pen-and-paper tests delivered as a first-line diagnostic tool for detecting dementia. Pliant Power Devices has developed a mechanically flexible lithium ion battery that can be printed into any shape or size for wearable electronics companies who are suffering from issues in product design. We give companies the freedom to create wearable electronics that are aesthetically appealing to their customers, without sacrificing performance. VECO: VECO umbrella is an affordable, sustainable, and reliable clean energy solution to the problems faced by market traders in the developing countries in Sub Saharan Africa. XPAN Inc. is creating the first expanding laparoscopic access port that expands in place within seconds to allow larger diameter laparoscopic instruments to be inserted into the abdomen. XPAN will make minimally invasive surgeries safer for the patient, more convenient for the surgeon and less costly for the hospitals.

Later Stage Category (4:00pm-5:30pm)

16 Bit is a Toronto-based AI-first medical imaging company with the vision of improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare. As radiologists and computer scientists, the founders of 16 Bit are best positioned to create clinically useful AI radiology solutions that will empower physicians and allow them to provide the best possible care to their patients.  Braze MobilityAt Braze Mobility Inc., we have developed a low-cost add-on that can transform any wheelchair into a ‘smart’ wheelchair that can automatically detect obstacles and provide multi-modal, customizable feedback to the driver. Hypercare: Existing tools struggle with the demands for close collaboration between providers in complex patient care. With many moving parts, things fall through the cracks. Hypercare provides a platform that helps clinicians locate the right colleague to communicate with in real-time to improve efficiency and reduce medical errors.  AddOn Labs: Hardware is hard. AddOn Labs makes smart materials that make the process of hardware prototyping and manufacturing orders of magnitude faster, accessible and democratized. Our first product is AddOn Circuits, a self-contained, multi-layer material that lets anyone create Printed Circuit Boards using nothing more than light from a cellphone/tablet screen.  Sojourn Labs Inc. is building a car on a diet. By streamlining a vehicle for a daily commute instead of designing something to support a family road trip, our vehicles are more efficient, less expensive, and take up less space than traditional cars.    RBC Prize Judges Alexander Peh, Vice President, Innovation – Technology & Operations, RBC Barry Gekiere, Managing Director, Investment Accelerator Fund, MaRS Kerri Golden, Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Information Venture Partners Som Seif, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Purpose Investments Inc.