University of Toronto holds steady in 27th place for a second year in PitchBook’s 2022 rankings of undergraduate programs for startup founders.

PitchBook’s annual university rankings compare schools by tallying up the number of alumni entrepreneurs who have founded venture capital-backed companies. The undergraduate and graduate rankings are powered by PitchBook data and are based on an analysis of more than 144,000 VC-backed founders.

U of T is among three Canadian schools in the list’s top 30 for undergraduate founders worldwide, with University of Waterloo in 21st and McGill placing 26th.

Also highlighted in the report are the top five startups based on capital raised for each school. For U of T’s undergraduate founders, this list includes Databricks, Compass, OpenAI, Wealthsimple and Kriya.

U of T’s numbers

UndergraduateGraduateFemale founders undergraduateFemale founders graduate
U of T’s rank27272531
Founder count434462
Company count3923635539
Capital raised$14.9B$12.4B$502M$915M
Based on metrics from PitchBook Universities: Top 100 colleges ranked by startup founders. For more insights, read the analysis of the 2022 PitchBook university rankings.

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