With the fresh sense of optimism, resiliency and rebirth coming out of the pandemic, the time is right to unveil a new look for University of Toronto Entrepreneurship (UTE).

As the U of T entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to thrive and mature and with cutting-edge physical spaces such as the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus drawing closer to welcoming innovators, we are thrilled to introduce a refreshed visual identity for University of Toronto Entrepreneurship.

What does it symbolize? The “E” lettermark represents:

  • UTE’s no wrong door philosophy: entrepreneurs can find support and engage with UTE at any stage
  • An inclusive community that believes diversity drives innovation
  • The entrepreneur’s journey is non-linear, it winds and bends through time
  • Continuous and virtuous cycle of the entrepreneurship community. As startups graduate and leave the university ecosystem, they remain part of the UTE community as mentors, advisors, donors, judges, speakers and investors.

Signature Lock-Up

Stacked wordmark

Horizontal wordmark

Visit the ‘About Us’ page to learn more about University of Toronto Entrepreneurship.