True Blue Expo

This virtual tradeshow at Entrepreneurship Week will showcase top companies from across U of T’s entrepreneurship community and beyond including startups, campus accelerators and partners. Virtual booths will be open to visitors all week and will be staffed by representatives and founders from 12-3 pm on March 10.

When: Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 12 pm – 3 pm EST (Toronto)

Where: U of T Entrepreneurship Week (virtual)




Lo Social Venture Fund Winners


Aerlift’s drone delivery system and logistics management technology enables governments to provide life-saving healthcare services to some of the hardest-to-reach populations around the world. Learn more.

ALT TEX is a Toronto-based biomaterials startup, creating biodegradable and carbon neutral textiles re-engineered from food waste. Learn more.

Augmented Reporting is an economical and easy-to-use cloud virtual clinical assistant that provides automatic echo measurement analysis and reporting. Learn more. 

Axonaly is a startup venture revolutionizing mental health care by creating a mobile app along with an innovative sweat-sensing patch that tracks key biomarkers and calculates the onset of anxiety attacks. Learn more.

Babbly is an AI-powered platform that analyzes a baby’s voice to monitor their brain development during formative months. Learn more.

Divebox is a local resale marketplace that offers the convenience of local delivery and in-app payments making it the easiest and safest way to buy & sell secondhand goods. Learn more.

Flatten is a non-profit organization focused on developing agile, inexpensive and robust self-reporting participatory syndromic surveillance tool for the COVID-19 pandemic internationally. Learn more.

Fyyne is a mobile-first platform that allows hair artists to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently using their proprietary technology to connect relevant artists with customers and simplify the entire booking process from discovery to payment. Learn more.

HOPE Pet Food is a meat-free sustainable pet food formulated using ingredients across the tree of life such as insects, algae and yeast. Learn more.

Indus is a new start-up striving to grow the future of food with engineered 3D-printed smart soil. Learn more.

LSK Technologies makes a small device that can rapidly test for COVID-19 and other diseases at point-of-need such as doctor’s offices and workplaces. Learn more.

PickEasy is a mobile app that allows individuals, groups and couples to explore local restaurants while not having to argue or disagree over where to dine. Learn more.

Reeddi innovatively provides clean, reliable and affordable electricity to individuals, households and businesses operating in the energy-poor regions of the world. Learn more.

Vinci Labs was founded with the simple but powerful vision of making quality healthcare accessible through the use of technology.  Learn more.

YourTable connects people to eat and network together through their shared interests in food and business industries.  Learn more.

RBC Prize Finalists


Exvilent offers a novel humanized ex vivo lung model that provides the most existing physiologically relevant research tool to achieve precision medicine. Learn more

NerveX Neurotechnologies is developing ANIMO, the Adaptive Neural Implant for Modulation and Observation of the nervous system’s communication superhighway: the vagus nerve (or cranial nerve X). Learn more.

Shiphrah Biomedical developed a wearable musculoskeletal support and positional therapy device for healthy pregnant women in their third trimester who have difficulty sleeping soundly and safely. Learn more.

StarSpec offers a rapidly deployable, plug-and-play satellite bus capable of providing space qualification, in situ instrument testing and operations at 10% of the traditional industry cost. Learn more.

Other U of T Startups


AIH Technology is a computer vision company focusing on applying the latest breakthroughs in AI to solve the society’s most pressing problems, including facial recognition ID verification. Learn more.

Almari 360 lets you rent luxurious South Asian formal wear while saving your wallet and the turtles. Learn more.

Arbre is on a mission to create sustainable and universally functional SPF products. Learn more.

Cited Podcast brings research insights to the world-at-large by creating intelligent podcasts that connect the expertise of academic researchers with the expertise of journalists. Learn more.

Encore & Encore offers a wide variety of eco-friendly products. They believe in an equilibrium, a fine balance between the elements of consumption and the Earth. Learn more.

Feuvio infuses uptown fashion with the functionality of germicidal UV light in the creation of a travel bag that helps people stay safe. Learn more.

Gradient Robotics is building the most agile e-commerce fulfillment network in the world. Learn more.

Honeybee Hub connects researchers and study participants for paid studies on health, science and technology. Their mission is to democratize research. Learn more.

Just Vertical is an indoor vertical hydroponic company that creates furniture that feeds you. Learn more.

LCI Movement is an education company providing plug and play options for dance, movement and physical education. With a variety of on-site and online programs for everyone. Learn more.

MedEssist guides patients through services at their pharmacy and enables pharmacists to manage refills, vaccines, drug supplies & more. Learn more.

Nomberry is a web-based e-commerce platform that allows users to breathe life into their forgotten pieces of jewelry and resurrect the beauty they once possessed. Learn more.

Pinecone Project provides K-8 curriculum linked student and teacher support education services with a focus on STEAM teaching and learning methodologies. Learn more.

Quintessential  is more than premium essential oils, it’s a heritage. Rituals and remedies from the Indian Ocean to boost your mood and help you feel great in your space.  Learn more.

Rescounts makes ordering meals at your favourite restaurants  with advanced ordering. Learn more.

Rêve Morel works with Canadian schools to promote African studies through participation in their travelling exhibits. Learn more.

True Wave gives you a stress-free and consistent grilling experience, while making your food juicier and tastier, every time. Learn more.

UP360 applies virtual and augmented reality solutions to achieve learning outcomes and promote career exploration. Learn more.

Community Partners


Innovative Solutions Canada funds R&D and test prototypes in real-life settings. They have two streams with funding dedicated to Canadian innovators who want to start, grow and get to market. Learn more.

Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 20 years. Learn more.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program. Learn how to claim scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax incentives and get information about the program. Learn more.

Ontario Centre of Innovation focuses on ensuring the people of Ontario reap the personal and economic benefits of leading-edge research underway at our publicly funded universities, colleges and research hospitals. Learn more.

City of Toronto
 Learn more.

Campus-Linked Accelerators & Entrepreneurship Programs


Business, research, and innovation are the foundation for The BRIDGE, UTSC Management’s campus-linked accelerator and platform for work-integrated learning. Students from all disciplines receive support and training from a renowned business faculty through the New Venture Program (NVP). Learn more.

CDL is designed to provide science-based ventures with the robust business judgment they need to scale massively. It pairs objectives-based mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and investors with access to the resources of Canada’s premier business school.  Learn more.

The Entrepreneurship Hatchery offers four processes to build start-ups: NEST, fostering the creation of startups and the entrepreneurial mindset of U of T students. Learn more.

Health Innovation Hub

The Health Innovation Hub (H2i) facilitates early-stage entrepreneurs with translation and commercialization of ideas into problem-solving designs on health matters. It works to align, connect, and leverage the significant mass of life science research expertise, facilities, programs and funds of the University and its partners towards effective and efficient health innovation ventures. Learn more.

The Hub

The Hub at UTSC is an early-stage innovation and entrepreneurship incubator that assists U of T students and recent alumni in the creation and launch of new companies. It offers mentoring, workshops, one-on-one coaching, initial funding support, and workspace. It assists with startup development, from initial idea to the first stages of revenue generation through to angel investment. Its mandate is to support initiatives campus-wide, from all disciplines. Learn more.

ICUBE is a hub for idea exploration, early-stage business development, and co-working. We provide expert support, resources, and access to opportunities for entrepreneurial students and community members across all industries. Got an idea? Let’s make it! Learn more.

InnovED is the education incubator and home of entrepreneurship education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), UofT. At the intersection of education research, professional learning, and innovation, we apply teaching and learning sciences to develop and advance opportunities for societal improvement. Learn more.

The University of Toronto Libraries system is the largest academic library in Canada and consists of 44 libraries located on three university campuses. Learn more.

UTEST is a startup development program for nascent companies supported in partnership by the University of Toronto Connaught Fund and MaRS Innovation. UTEST provides investments of up to $100,000 per company in addition to intensive entrepreneurial education, advisory support, and dedicated incubation space. Learn more.

Learn more about U of T Entrepreneurship Week and register here.