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Featured in The Globe and Mail
Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail

Startups provide key internship experience to postsecondary students

“Ensuring our students are successful in translating their fundamental education into career opportunities is vital for the success of our students, ...
Featured in Mashable
The Nymi from Bionym
Photo Credit: Mashable

This wristband works with your heartbeat to pay for things

It's called Nymi, and it's a wristband that charts your "unique cardiac rhythm" to verify your identity. Bionym, the startup behind Nymi, is launching ...
Featured in Financial Post
Organic LEDs from OTI Lumionics
Photo Credit: Financial Post

Let there be (OLED) light: Startup sees bright future in organic diodes

Mr. Helander and his lab partners tweaked existing techniques for the manufacture of Organic LEDs. When large companies started showing interest in bu ...

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Image of Illuster Tech's product

12 ideas turning scientists into startup founders

Its focus on a research-based starting point is the reason scientists and engineers with a focus on the physical sciences – chemistry, physics and o ...
The Entrepreneurship Hatchery’s demo night

This is what a room of student startups competing for $42,000 in funding feels like

The Entrepreneurship Hatchery’s demo night hosted 13 teams competing for investment.
Image of Creative Destruction Lab

11 new startups from U of T’s Creative Destruction Lab

They’re leveraging tech to improve everything from windows and lamps to construction sites, fitness, love matches and more. Meet the startups tha ...