XVIVOS Biosciences

 Graduated Startup

XVIVOS Biosciences Inc. has developed the first and only personalized memory test (NeuroBlot) that leverages social media to replace the current standard of generic pen-and-paper tests (MMSE, MoCA) delivered as a first-line diagnostic tool for detecting dementia. NeuroBlot scans an individual’s social media content to create individualized memory tasks, thereby assessing cognitive capacity and anticipating risk of decline, based on unique content from multiple media formats (text, images, video, audio). NeuroBlot is a user-directed test, recommended for adults of all ages, not just seniors, that integrates with electronic health records to quantitatively monitor patients’ cognitive health, so that an individual’s risk of decline can be anticipated sooner than ever before. This provides actionable insights for physicians, so that best-in-class therapies can be delivered on time.

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