Starting 2015 with entrepreneurship in mind

Happy New Year!

5 biggest entrepreneurship stories of 2014

We’re excited to see what lies ahead for startups that have come from U of T – and those that are yet to come. Here’s a look back at U of T’s 5 biggest entrepreneurship stories of 2014.

5 must-watch startups for 2015

A great way to kick off 2015: Yonge Street Media’s five must-watch startups for 2015 include four that have come through U of T Accelerators. 2014 saw a lot of media coverage for these ventures and it’s not surprising to see the buzz continue into 2015.

  • Bridgit was in the Creative Destruction Lab’s 2013-14 cohort of startups (more about Bridgit)
  • Chematria joined the Impact Centre in Fall 2014 (more about Chematria)
  • Nymi, formerly known as Bionym, began as a research project at the University and spun off into an entrepreneurial venture with connections to UTEST and as part of the Creative Destruction Lab’s inaugural 2012-13 cohort (more about Nymi)
  • OTI Lumionics was in the Creative Destruction Lab’s 2013-2014 cohort  (more about OTI Lumionics)

Stay tuned to where we’ll be posting the latest on U of T’s startups and entrepreneurs throughout the year.