2019 RBC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Prize Finalists

Join us at our largest startup pitch competition of the year, offering $50,000 in prizes to recognize, reward, and accelerate the University of Toronto’s most innovative startups.

When: Thursday, March 21, 2019. Part of U of T Entrepreneurship Week True Blue Expo.

Where: MaRS Auditorium

Why: 10 cutting-edge U of T student startup teams will compete by showcasing their business idea via a five-minute pitch to a panel of judges for $50,000 in prizes.

All are welcome! No RSVP required.

Click here to see the winners!

Early Stage Competition: 2:30-3:40pm

BoneTape by Cohesys is an innovative medical device for craniomaxillofacial fracture fixation. The current standard of care is surgical implantation of rigid plates and screws. By eliminating the need for plates & screws, BoneTape increases clinical ease-of-use while reducing complications, surgical time, and associated healthcare costs. Learn more.
Hatchways is a career transition solution for people at any age, at any stage of their life – it’s like the Waterloo co-op system, but for everyone. We assess candidates via our platform, then match candidates to employers to save them time when hiring for interns. Learn more.
Piera Systems has the most cost-efficient and powerful dust sensor for corporate clients that make air quality treatment and monitoring systems. Our state-of-the-art microchip will provide rich, reliable, and the most accurate particulate information. Learn more.
Sirona Onsite’s mission is to address one of the top health issues in the digital age – unchecked vision problems. We provide a fast, exciting, and convenient way for busy people to engage with their vision care provider – a free, and often neglected, healthcare service.
TissueX Technologies provides next-generation tissue culture plates for easy, reproducible, and high-throughput screening of cell-based assays. Through precise positioning of cells, TissueX’s micropatterning technology reduces the experimental variability of cell-based assays while increasing overall data capture and physiological relevance.

Later Stage Competition: 3:55-5:00pm

Aminoasis has created a ground-breaking chemistry platform for synthesizing amino acids that promises to increase the efficiency of materials synthesis and the early-stage drug discovery process. The technology is readily scalable, inexpensive, and can widely improve existing industrial syntheses of amino acids.
CERT converts carbon dioxide into fuels and chemical feedstocks using only water and electricity. Our process operates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, has zero carbon emissions, and is modular and scalable. Learn more.
Mutuo’s AI-powered AutoScribe platform enables high quality data to be automatically recorded as the patient and clinician are interacting. Using our tool reduces EMR user effort through hands-free clinical documentation, and leads to more engaged and efficient doctor-patient visits. Learn more.
Nanology Labs
has developed a revolutionary non-toxic MRI contrast agent which circumvents efficacy limitations of other agents currently available. The agent, Manganescan™, uses the element manganese to illuminate early stage tumors, specifically in the brain. Early stage detection provides clinicians advance knowledge for diagnosis, better treatment options, and patient outcome. Learn more.
protects premium Western products from being counterfeited in China using secure authentication technology with Chinese social media integration. We protect brand equity, increase sales, and offer a unique customer engagement opportunity. Learn more.

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