Welcome to the Intellectual Property Education Program!  


Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical driver of the global innovation economy. More than ever, protecting and leveraging IP is becoming key to success for companies big and small, and Canada’s national economic competitiveness. Protecting these assets in other countries is also vital for competing and operating internationally.  At the University of Toronto, we are committed to providing an accessible online IP education program to the general university community as well as a more rigorous and practical education program for those in our academic and local community involved in entrepreneurship or commercialization.

Learning outcomes

Level 1 – IP Foundations will introduce learners to the general foundations of IP and related topics, including patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design and trade secrets.

Navigating the training

Recommendations for participating in the training

  1. Go to “Learning Objectives and Outlines” tab or click button below and review the program outline.
  2. Go to “Level 1 Modules” tab (or click button below) and follow each module in the sequence provided.
  3. Complete each module by reviewing the material provided in each page and completing all the activities. To open the accessibility resource PDFs, click the links to open in a new tab.
  4. Once you have completed the content in Modules 1-3, proceed to Assignments.
  5. Complete the four final assignments with a minimum of 80% grade in order to complete this training.
  6. Once all assignments have been completed, visit the Level 1 Completion page for next steps.
Learning Objectives and Outline Level 1 modules