The following guidelines and procedures for the ONRamp spaces in the Banting Institute have been implemented to ensure the safety and health of our entrepreneurship community and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Take your time reading through these guidelines and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. We are excited to safely welcome you back to ONRamp! 

Our Team 

The University of Toronto Entrepreneurship team will continue to be available by e-mail or phone. Offices hours will be communicated by e-mail for tasks such as mail pick up.

Staff Member Role Email Phone 
Jon French Director 
Alessandra ImbrognoReceptionist and Administrative Assistantentrepreneurs@utoronto.ca416-946-0582
Amanda Arantes Entrepreneurship Facilities Coordinator 416-971-2378 
Kathleen (Kay) Martinez Program Coordinator 416-946-7246 
Alyson Bruce Marketing & Communications Officer 416-946-8523 
Efosa Obano Program Manager, Black Founders Network 416-978-7335

Banting Institute Access 

The front doors of the Banting Institute will be accessible to the general public from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Mondays through Fridays, except for public holidays. ONRamp members with key fobs will have 24/7 access to the front doors of the Banting Institute.  The University’s current mask requirement will be lifted, effective July 1, 2022, however, this remains subject to change based on public health recommendations. Some members of our community may choose to continue to wear a mask after July 1. We ask everyone to respect each other’s decisions, comfort levels, and health needs. 

Do not let anyone who is not an ONRamp member or a tenant of the Banting Institute access to the building. If you see someone suspicious, please notify Campus Police immediately at 416-978-2222. For emergencies call 911. 

While health screening through UCheck is unavailable, individuals can monitor their health using the Provincial health screening tool. Completing a health screening before coming to campus is highly recommended, and we continue to ask members of our community to remain at home if they are ill.

ONRamp Hours 

ONRamp will be operating with reduced hours until further notice. The new hours of operations are: 

1st Floor

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the reception desk open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Saturday to Sunday and public holidays: Closed 

2nd and 5th Floors:

ONRamp members have 24/7 access to the 2nd and 5th floors of ONRamp.

External guests are permitted in ONRamp for meetings if accompanied by an ONRamp member, however, guests are not permitted to use workstations.

ONRamp Memberships

ONRamp Members will be invited to join the University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Slack channel for access to information and updates as they become available.

Former ONRamp Members and community members interested in becoming new ONRamp Members will need to apply for the 2021-22 academic year (September 2021 – August 2022). Note – all memberships will be extended until April 30, 2023. Learn more about ONRamp Memberships and apply here.

Workstations and Meeting Rooms

The 1st floor of ONRamp will be accessible via key fob for ONRamp members and Banting Institute tenants between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Staff will also be onsite at the front desk from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. ONRamp Members will have 24/7 access to the 2nd and 5th floors of ONRamp via key fob.

Please abide by the following guidelines for all workstations and meeting rooms:

  • There will be no assigned workstations at this time.
  • Workstations are only available for current ONRamp members.
  • External guests are permitted in ONRamp for meetings when accompanied by an ONRamp member, however, guests are not permitted to use workstations.
  • Note there is a maximum of 2 bookings/per day, per venture (one booking in the morning and one in the afternoon) for meeting rooms. This policy may be revisited as we continue to evaluate the situation and address safety concerns.
  • Please do not move tables, chairs, or large pieces of furniture in ONRamp. No outside furniture, appliances, or printers are allowed in ONRamp.
  • At the end of your reservation, you will be required to sanitize and disinfect all your work surfaces that day. Sanitization supplies will be provided by the University of Toronto. Members are also encouraged to disinfectant the work surface before use.
  • If there is an ONRamp member who is not respecting the physical distancing protocols, please report them to
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who fails to follow these guidelines and will result in your access and membership to ONRamp being revoked. 

Please do not leave any personal belongings or technology on desks when not in use. Items left behind will be placed in the Lost and Found for up to 30 days and disposed thereafter.


There are kitchenettes located on each floor of ONRamp. 

The refrigerator and water coolers will be accessible for members. All members will be required to disinfect before and after use. Small appliances such as toasters, coffee machines, and kettles will also be available at this time. 


All mail services will continue to be available to ONRamp Members.

ONRamp will not be accepting any deliveries on behalf of members. Any deliveries must be scheduled directly with couriers, allowing members to accept their packages outside ONRamp following all social distancing and mask protocols. 

Where possible, please continue to redirect mail and/or parcels to an alternate address, especially anything critical or time sensitive. Mail pick-up will be available when staff is onsite. 

We are not responsible for loss or damage to any mail or parcels. Do not use ONRamp’s address for any business legal purposes (such as business incorporation) for liability reasons. 


The printer in the Business Centre on the 5th floor (in unit 550) is still available for ONRamp members to use. All ONRamp members are to provide their own paper and to sanitize before and after use. If the ink in the printer is running low, please contact


The University of Toronto’s Caretaking Services has developed a strategy to help support the health and safety of our community. In addition to regular nightly services, the strategy includes: 

• Increased cleaning and additional disinfection by caretaking staff 

• Providing sanitizing supplies in high-traffic areas 

More details regarding the strategy being implemented by Caretaking Services can be found here. 

The university has also undertaken a thorough inspection of its ventilation equipment, making upgrades where necessary to decrease the risk of COVID-19 transmission in indoor spaces. More information regarding this can be found here. 

Fire Emergency Procedures

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Fire Emergency Procedures for the University of Toronto. It is mandatory to evacuate University buildings when you hear any fire alarm. Do not ignore or attempt to stay in the building during a fire alarm. 

Upon evacuations all persons must relocate away from the building and proceed to the Firefighter’s Monument which is located just west of Banting on the northeast side of College and University until the fire prevention officer or the fire department has deemed the building safe. 

Do NOT attempt to re-enter the building before receiving the approval from the fire prevention officer or the fire department. 


It is the University of Toronto’s goal to create a community that is inclusive of all persons and treats all members of the community in an equitable manner. In creating such a community, the University aims to foster a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of all persons. 

In working toward this goal, the University will strive to provide support for, and facilitate the accommodation of individuals with disabilities so that all may share the same level of access to opportunities, participate in the full range of activities that the University offers, and achieve their full potential as members of the University community. 

If accommodations are required to access the Banting Institute and/or ONRamp, please e-mail


Campus Police regularly visit ONRamp and the Banting Institute, including on weeknights and during weekends. To keep ONRamp secure, please leave windows closed at all times and let the reception desk know of any heating issues. If you have security concerns at any time, please notify the reception desk or Campus Police at 416-978-2222 immediately. 

We are committed to creating a safe, secure environment for all ONRamp members and visitors. There is a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who shares their key fob with others, walks in after ONRamp members to access the space without an individual membership, leaves any of the front doors of ONRamp or Banting Institute propped open, or otherwise breaches ONRamp’s security without U of T Entrepreneurship staff approval. People without ONRamp memberships or fobs are not permitted to work in ONRamp. If you break or ignore any of the rules listed above, your ONRamp membership or use of ONRamp will be immediately revoked.