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From Jupyter to AI startup – How to deploy your models and launch your MVP

April 5, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Learn how to deploy your ML model on the cloud and connect it to your front-end or UI so you can demo it to your users/customer

About this Event


For people who need help deploying their machine learning models, specifically:

•Technical founders of AI companies
•Data scientists
•AI researchers
•ML engineers
•AI/ML enthusiasts

Programming background in Python is highly recommended to get the most value out of this session. Ideally participants are either building or have already built ML/DL models.

TLDR: This is for anyone who knows how to build a machine learning model but needs help deploying it on production and building a demo interface to show their users or customers.

We will cover

•Deployment with AWS Sagemaker, Tensorflow serving, and Flask
•UI components with MERN stack
•Demos with Tensorflow and Pytorch

Note: We’ll cover this at a high level. It’s meant to provide an overview rather than an in-depth training on AWS, devops, or building models.

What to expect

•A high level overview of the process of productionalizing and demoing your machine learning model
•A demo of this process




100 College Street, 2nd floor Room 250
100 College St
Toronto, Ontario M5G1L5 Canada
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