Last month, Nobellum hosted its flagship Innovathon Pitch Competition at the City of Toronto Small Business Forum where six fearless innovators pitched for a chance to win prizes. The Small Business Forum was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and had over 7,000 registrants.

Kiwi Charge, a Nobellum startup that’s on a mission to revolutionize the deployment of EV charging infrastructure, won the first-place award.

Kiwi Charge offers a subscription-based Charging-as-a-Service model that caters specifically to EV owners in existing buildings facing challenges such as high retrofit costs and low EV adoption. Beyond a business venture, Kiwi Charge embodies a vision for a sustainable future where EV charging is universally accessible.

Quote from Kiwi Charge:

“Our win at the Small Business Forum’s pitch competition and the ensuing partnerships that were made are nothing short of hitting the jackpot for us at Kiwi Charge. Being on that stage, sharing our vision with a massive crowd, and then connecting with some real game-changers in the industry has given us a fantastic boost to drive our mission forward. It’s not just about the cash prize, it’s about the meaningful conversations and the doors that have swung wide open, setting the stage for some exciting collaborations ahead. The team at Kiwi Charge recognizes how privileged we are to be part of Nobellum’s program and we are extremely grateful for all the support and opportunities that the Nobellum team has created for us.”

Congratulations as well to the other awardees from the Nobellum Innovator Program:

· Second place: Cornacropia

· Third place: Magnify Access Inc.

· Audience Choice: Foobric

To learn more about startups like Kiwi Charge and the Nobellum Innovators, register for their Demo Day on April 13, by visiting this link