Bionym news roundup: Nymi’s payment pilot with RBC covered by Washington Post, NBC, others

Royal Bank recently announced a pilot project with U of T spinoff Bionym to launch in the new year: their biometric wearable, the Nymi wristband, will be tested for use with payments.

The news was picked up by outlets in Canada, the U.S. and beyond. Here’s a roundup of just a few of the clips:

Washington Post: The heartbeat vs. the fingerprint in the battle for biometric authentication

NBC: With Nymi, Mobile Payment Is Only a Heartbeat Away

Mashable: This wristband works with your heartbeat to pay for things

Daily Mail: Stop car thieves in a heartbeat – Hi-tech bracelet could use electrocardiograms as a unique ‘fingerprint’ to open doors, start cars and even pay for your shopping 

Canadian Press: Royal Bank to test out Toronto company’s Nymi technology

CTV News: MasterCard to test high-tech wristbands as credit card alternatives