Able Innovations is announcing its ALTA Platform™, built to assist healthcare workers transfer patients easily and efficiently. As healthcare staff face added burdens in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ALTA Platform™ is designed to provide healthcare facilities with long-term solutions to improve working conditions.

Able Innovations was one of University of Toronto’s Health Innovation Hub’s (H2i) early startups, dating back to 2018. They are now a late level 3 company under H2i’s portfolio.

The ALTA Platform™ automates the routine healthcare task of patient transfer; moving a patient between surfaces such as a bed to a stretcher, which contributes greatly to the overexertion of healthcare workers. While current methods of transfer require 2-8 caregivers to exert immense physical effort, often leading to high-cost and chronic workplace injuries, the ALTA Platform™ allows a single caregiver to conduct automated transfers at the press of a button.

“At Able Innovations, we care about the issues of short-staffing and burnout deeply. We want to make caregiving more sustainable for healthcare workers to ensure loved ones and patients are better cared for,” said Able Innovations Founder and CEO, Jayiesh Singh. “Our ALTA Platform™ offers a paradigm shift by allowing staff to do more with less, while protecting them from chronic injuries – all at a time it is needed most.”

To advance the ALTA Platform™, Able Innovations is collaborating with leading healthcare systems across North America. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and Bruyère Hospital have been instrumental in validating Able Innovations’ technology.

“The potential to keep frontline providers safe is what attracted VHA Innovators Network to collaborate with Able Innovations,” said Allison Amrhein, Director of Operations at VHA Innovators Network. “We are thrilled to help build something beneficial to Veterans Affairs (VA) staff. The device will hopefully transcend our system and help everyone deliver care more safely.”

The steadily projected increase in burnout amongst healthcare professionals will likely force staff to pursue work involving less direct patient contact. Able Innovations seeks to disrupt global patterns of understaffing leading to burnout and turnover with the launch of the ALTA Platform™ in 2022.