This blood test is 100% accurate in identifying a hard-to-diagnose cardiac disease

Brugada syndrome, discovered in 1992 by Spanish cardiologists and brothers Pedro and Joseph Brugada, is an inherited disease that causes irregular heartbeats. Though it is rare, estimated to affect about 18,000 Canadians, its first sign is often that someone has died from it. This is a tragic outcome, since monitoring symptoms and selectively using defibrillators can help keep patients safe.

Genecis transforms wasted food into high-value materials

Food waste continues to be a major problem in North America. The latest studies show that inhabitants of the North American continent waste 168 million tonnes of food each year. Beyond the obvious fact that the thrown-out food could be put to better use by being consumed, the waste can also be used for renewable products. Luna Yu and Abdul Khogali recognized untapped opportunity laying dormant in food waste and created Genecis.