U of T alumni develop app to connect researchers with volunteer subjects

new app developed by University of Toronto alumni aims to solve a perennial problem in scientific research — recruiting and retaining participants for clinical studies and trials. Anthony Nazarov and Maroof Moral, both Bachelor of Science graduates from University of Toronto Mississauga, along with McMaster University alumna Erica Tatham, hope to transform the way participants are recruited for medical studies. This fall, the entrepreneurial trio will launch a beta version ofParticipAid, a mobile app that will make it easier for volunteers and researchers to find each other.

Canadian Olympians get green protection against Brazilian mosquitos

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro only weeks away, many athletes – including Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic – have pulled out of the Games, citing fears of contracting the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

But U of T graduates Morgan and Jackson Wyatt, two brothers from Brockville, Ontario, are doing their best to protect the Canadian athletes, coaches and officials who do fly down to Rio. The Wyatts are founders of Greenlid Envirosciences, a Toronto-based company that is enjoying great success with its fully compostable Greenlid compost bin. The Wyatts have developed the Biotrap – a biodegradable mosquito trap based on the Greenlid – and are donating hundreds of the traps to the Canadian Olympic Foundation for use in Rio. U of T News spoke to Morgan Wyatt about the mosquito trap.

Your Biotrap is generating a lot of publicity, with stories in the Globe and Mail and Metro News, among other media outlets. But it’s based on your existing product, the Greenlid. How did the Greenlid come about?

U of T and GTA ‘Makers’ show off their creations during weekend-long extravaganza

Technology and creativity collided this past weekend at Toronto’s Maker Festival, a celebration of the city’s entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and hackers.

The fourth annual event featured more than 100 maker displays including 3D printers, digitally printed textiles, lasers, x-ray art and robots. The two-day extravaganza attracted more than 12,000 curious attendees to the Toronto Reference Library’s maker-friendly space.

A year in the life of Canada’s top-ranked university: From the country’s first hand and forearm transplant to @UofTDrizzy

They helped welcome refugees, launched startups, won countless awards, and led research breakthroughs on cancer-causing proteins, why everyone is better off when kids walk to school, whether dinosaurs had lips and much, much more.

Students and faculty at the University of Toronto spent the academic year working to make the city, the country and the world a better, healthier, more sustainable place.  And across the globe, people took notice – with international rankings that placed U of T eighth of the world’s top public universities and surveys that ranked U of T grads among the world’s most employable.

It isn’t possible to capture all the highlights of 2015-2016.