ConferenceCloud: Siblings bring conferences to entrepreneurs

For brother and sister Olivia and John-Alan Simmons, juggling an undergraduate education and running a business is par for the course.

As products of an entrepreneurial home, the Simmons siblings say they have an inherent understanding of the hard work, dedication and support that it takes for a business to succeed. So when it came time for them to go to university, they didn’t opt for traditional part-time jobs.

Diagnosing malaria: U of T startup developing “practical, fast and affordable solution”

Malaria is among the leading causes of death in many developing countries, but detecting the disease is an uncertain art, prone to human error. A new student-led start-up at U of T aims to take the guesswork out of detecting malaria with smartphone lens attachments and image-recognition software. Faculty of Medicine writer Carolyn Morris caught up with one of the co-founders, Fatema Chowdhury, to find out more about the endeavor.