Machine learning and the market for intelligence: Heavyweights of the AI world gather at U of T

Consider this: Artificial Intelligence is much more advanced than people realize.

Or, maybe not.

Professor  Ajay Agrawal posed both theories in his welcome to a sold-out conference at the University of Toronto on Dec. 15. More than 20 people spoke at the event, entitled Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence. And there were divergent opinions at the conference about just how smart machines are or will be.

Beat the holiday shopping blues with U of T creativity

The holiday season is upon us, and while for some it’s the most wonderful time of year, for others it’s a rush to find the perfect gift on a dwindling deadline.

Have no fear – the University of Toronto’s entrepreneurs have been at work crafting products that might be just the item you’ve been searching for. From tech gadgets to fashion solutions, these six products are ready for purchase for the loved one on your list.

QTemp: A weather station you can wear

Living in Canada means living with unpredictable weather. Neda Ghazi and Alireza Monam, Co-Founders of U of T startup Comfable, have made it their goal to help people lead healthier and more comfortable lives with their flagship product: QTemp.

QTemp is the next generation of smart wearable weather stations. The compact device provides users with the temperature and UV index in their exact location in real-time. Based on customizable settings the device also tracks “safe sun time” and tells users how long they can stay outdoors before getting sunburnt or developing skin damage.


U of T startups build a more inclusive and accessible Toronto

Rapidly evolving technology is a tool that 3.8 million Canadians living with a disability can leverage to reclaim their independence and live an increasingly barrier-free life.

University of Toronto students, faculty and alumni are among the innovators who have been developing technologies designed to improve the lives of people of all different abilities. In honour of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, twelve accessibility-related startups were featured this week at Accessibil-UT, U of T’s inaugural innovation showcase.

Reuters: U of T is Canada’s most innovative university

The University of Toronto is Canada’s most innovative university and among the top 50 innovative universities in the world, according to a recentReuters report.

The ranking reflects the results of the annual innovationsurvey of  the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), in which U of T led all Canadian institutions for issued patents and for startups formed in 2014.