How to build a startup that succeeds: 6 tips from DemoCamp at U of T’s Creative Destruction Lab

Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry analysts from across the country gathered at the University of Toronto May 12 for the DemoCamp showcase hosted by Creative Destruction Lab. The event highlighted hard-earned insights from investors and entrepreneurs through 30 product demos, 12 startup pitches, insider tips from angel investor Haig Farris, a presentation from innovator Steve Mann, founder discussion panels and interaction with its audience of 500.

The art and science of entrepreneurship: This PhD in classics is bringing wearable tech to kids

Launching a startup that teaches kids to code by creating magic wands or bracelets may seem an unlikely career move for a PhD in classics – but for University of Toronto alumnus Christopher Wallace, it’s a perfect fit. Wallace recently translated his scholarly interest in social tumult from the ancient world into a role as chief learning officer at Linkitz. The startup is developing wearable toys that teach kids – especially girls – to code.

Startup world: U of T entrepreneurs take their companies to OCE Discovery conference

University of Toronto entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors showed off their startups at the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery conference April 27 and 28 – making connections and sharing best practices for Toronto-based companies in the global economy. “It was a great opportunity to really see the full impact of U of T on the provincial landscape,” said Karen Sievewright of U of T’s Banting & Best Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “Every corner I turned there was a U of T innovator or organization or entrepreneur and a lot of the featured technologies and successes – I’d say the majority – were also associated with U of T.”