U of T receives more than $3 million in funding to boost entrepreneurship for students

The University of Toronto will receive more than $3 million in funding to increase its training and support for student entrepreneurship as part of the Campus-Linked Accelerator Program (CLA), announced today by Reza Moridi, Ontario’s Minister of Research and Innovation, and Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities.

“Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among students is a key component of Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy, through programs that help transfer their ideas and skills to the marketplace while creating rewarding careers,” said Minister Moridi. “By partnering with colleges and universities to support entrepreneurship, we are ensuring our province’s business leaders of tomorrow are getting the support they need to succeed today.”

The University of Toronto produces more startups than any other university in Canada and is already home to a diverse ecosystem of entrepreneurship supports, including accelerators, programs, courses, classes and co-curricular organizations.

The $3,056,000 of funding over two years will enable the University of Toronto to better coordinate its entrepreneurship activities, expand the base of students exposed to entrepreneurship at the university and enhance the quality of training.

Read more at the U of T media room.

Flagship intro to entrepreneurship course launches second year of classes

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As the frosh chants begin to die down, undergraduate students are starting to make their way back to class. Following the success of last year’s inaugural session of our undergraduate course IMC200 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we are excited to see what 2014-2015 has in store. The course is at capacity. With 380 students enrolled and a lengthy waiting list, the Impact Centre is excited to work with a new cohort of bright-eyed students who are interested in understanding how knowledge can impact society through entrepreneurship.