Techno Club – Alumni meetup

Techno Club – meetup for alumni of The Impact Centre’s intensive summer program

The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto presents the 5th annual Techno program for aspiring technopreneurs, targeted towards fresh science and engineering graduates, current students and faculty supervisors. The workshop will teach young entrepreneurs to successfully translate their scientific discoveries to commercializable products and services.

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Introducing: U of T Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the online home of the Banting & Best Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at U of T! We’re very excited to have recently launched this web space where we can connect with entrepreneurs and others who are interested in learning more about innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto.

While U of T has long been home to some of the most influential entrepreneurs in history (Banting and Best, to name just a few), many people outside the university still don’t understand what our role is in supporting and producing entrepreneurs.

We hope that this web space will help you learn all about the many ways that the U of T entrepreneurship network supports its entrepreneurs through programs, mentorship, connections, courses, events and many planned and organic opportunities to share practical advice on commercialization and business development.

Are you a student or researcher who wants to learn more about how we can help? Or an industry partner looking to connect with the innovations sparking at U of T? We’d love to hear from you.