In the spirit of giving back, U of T Entrepreneurship is shining a light on the many great U of T ventures selling to consumers during these challenging times. For twelve days, from December 7-18 we will be celebrating a new business to consumer (B2C) startup and highlighting how our network can support them.

See all below!


Affiliation: The Hub

The vision for ANKAS Creations is to change the public perception of the Arabic language through art and crafts, which can be appreciated by the public at large. ANKAS Creations offers handcrafted paintings, Arabic calligraphy wall art, stickers, digital printable wall art downloads, and handmade greeting cards.

Shop here: www.ankascreations.etsy.com


Affiliation: ICUBE, The Hub

Axonaly’s mission is to change the global approach to mental health services through promoting empirical biologically-based treatments and maximizing accessibility. Their wearable mental health band and platform helps people suffering from anxiety by alerting them of when their metabolite levels are rising and walking them through calming exercises before a panic attack can occur.

Shop here: www.axonaly.com


Affiliation: The Hub

Boss Girl Millionaire sells digital planners and digital stickers for use with tablets, IPAD, and the Goodnotes5 app. These planners are a fun and beautiful way to help you get organized with personal finance, budgeting, and generally with your lives!

Shop here: www.etsy.com/shop/bossgirlmillionaire


Affiliation: ICUBE

BSGames engage students and encourage learning and skills practice, especially during this time where students might be needing some extra practice. Mathemagician’s Duel is a fun game, but also a way to get students and children to practice mental math skills in a way they enjoy and isn’t a chore.

Shop here: www.bsgames.ca


Affiliation: ICUBE

Circular Toys designs and manufactures eco-friendly, developmental and inclusive toys, books, games and video games for kids aged 3+. Ready, Earth, Go! is our first series of products that aims to teach the young ones about environmental and social issues.

Shop here: www.readyearthgo.com


Affiliation: H2i, The Hatchery

We at Curovate are a team of registered physiotherapists and engineers that strive to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction and engagement following orthopaedic surgery. Curovate develops mobile health solutions that provide patients with crucial pre- and post-operative rehabilitation following surgery.

Learn more here: www.curovate.com


Affiliation: The BRIDGE

At Encore & Encore all products are made of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The company operates a multiple division structure where each division targets a specific industry, in order to provide sustainable alternatives for products that are consumed in our daily lives. Check out their eco-friendly tote bag for every day occasions.

Shop here: www.encore-encore.co


Affiliation: The Hub

Fittedfast is your Ubereats for clothes, or local Amazon. Local businesses are able to list their items on the platform, while customers can shop their favourite local stores online with guaranteed fast delivery.

Shop here: www.fittedfast.com


Affiliation: The Hub

HaoIs offers online musical theatre programs, private/Individual designed classes and Group classes such as acting / performance, singing / vocal, dance / choreography, theatre / musical audition preparation, and music theory. HaoIs serves students aged 6-18 years, currently from Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore, Boston, Melbourne.

Learn more here: www.haoisinternational.com


Affiliation: ICUBE

HeyGenius is a startup marketplace designed to help you shop the latest up and coming innovations from Canadian startups in one easy to navigate store.

Shop here: www.heygenius.ca


Affiliation: ICUBE

LCI Movement has a wide range of movement activity cards that are great for parents, families or teachers to use when they want to get children up and moving. Their action card packs are all themed and each card pack can be used in many different ways, ensuring that there is never a dull moment when moving with LCI.

Shop here: www.lcimovement.com


Affiliation: ICUBE

LOGIMIX is an after-hours Math school program based on the Ontario Curriculum, currently open to students from Grades 5-12. Teaching materials are prepared by OCT Certified teachers with a wealth of experience teaching in math, and who are passionate about math and being math educators. They plan to add more Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry courses, as well as Chess, programming, and other subjects in the future.

Learn more here: www.logimix.ca


Affiliation: The BRIDGE, The Hub

Matchii is marketing service for restaurants to help them position their brand and improve their sales in the current market. Matchii also offers strategic planning for restaurants that will open or restart operations after restrictions are lifted.

Learn more here: www.matchii.io/covid-recovery-plans


Affiliation: ICUBE, The Hub

Muqo Inc. provides a B2C social music app targeted towards musicians, music lovers and social media users who want to use an interactive, social and personalized music app. Muqo is an all-in-one virtual music destination that enables users to create, watch, listen, livestream, discover and share music content, while musicians can make money and grow their fan base full time.

Shop here: www.instagram.com/muqo.app


Affiliation: The Hub

Natural Organic Matters offers 100% all natural & organic hand and body moisturizer with only three ingredients. Every product sold plants a tree and is packaged in a recyclable glass container with a bamboo lid. Natural Organic Matters’ customers use our almond balm as a body cream two times daily after showering or as a hand cream on the go for moisturizing their hands after washing.

Shop here: www.gonorm.ca


Affiliation: The Hatchery

PheedLoop is a sophisticated tool for events and conferences that helps them get feedback from their attendees, collect meaningful user data, and engage their community. Make organizing conferences, meetings, and trade shows easy with event management software that powers everything from apps, registration, and live streaming, to floor plans, sponsors, badges, and virtual networking.

Learn more here: www.pheedloop.com


Affiliation: The BRIDGE

PickEasy is a mobile app that stops couples, friends and families from arguing over where to eat, with emphasis on small local restaurants. PickEasy allows small local businesses to connect to their communities directly.

Learn more here: www.pickeasy.ca


Affiliation: The Hub

Scoops Supplements offers customizable quantities of sports supplements. Products can be purchased from as little as one serving, to as many as they desire. This allows the consumer to try products with minimal commitment and add diversity to their assortment of supplements. We are the first to offer consumers of sports supplements the ability to customize their stack of supplements to the exact quantities, flavours, and products they desire without breaking the bank.

Shop here: www.scoopssupplements.com


Affiliation: DCSIL, The Hatchery, The Hub

Shabbat Boxx is a subscription box service experience, created as an initiative to help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. The Boxx is curated with various self-care products from select vendors. Their goals is to help eliminate the stigma that prevents people from seeking help and reaching out by delivering a predictable package to their doorstep on a consistent basis.

Shop here: www.shabbatboxx.ca


Affiliation: ICUBE

Sitti is a conscious lifestyle brand committed to the self-reliance of refugee and displaced communities through long-term employment opportunities and skill development training, empowered by a global market of conscious consumers. The Sitti product line, which began with a signature square bar of handmade, cold-pressed olive oil soap, has since grown to a line of 10+ popular lifestyle products, including curated products through partnerships with ethical brand names.

Shop here: www.sittisoap.com


Affiliation: The BRIDGE, The Hub

Summer is a same-day grocery delivery service for ethnic and independent grocers. By serving a secondary market of ethnic, independent grocery stores, they provides fresher produce, seasonal top-ups, and minimal substitutions of out-of-stock products. Sumer gives grocers a chance to compete in this fierce online industry while providing customers the products they have been craving.

Shop here: www.sumer.ca


Affiliation: CDL, H2i, The Hatchery

Trexo Robotics is on a mission to redefine mobility solutions for all people by creating devices that are affordable, designed with the user in mind, and can be used at home. Trexo’s unique design allows it to convert a passive walker into a fully powered robotic device that provides a physiologically correct gait pattern to help children with disabilities walk.

Learn more here: www.trexorobotics.com


Affiliation: ICUBE

YourTable app focuses on building professional relationships and friendships through food. Users are matched with others through the same interests in food and business industries. Social Dining and Networking, LinkedIn for Food. We have introduced a new video option where users can eat and network online virtually with others.

Learn more here: www.yourtable.co