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U of T is banking on the future of quantum computing

Forget teleporters and time travel—the most elusive tech triumph is the quantum computer, which would use the power of atomic and subatomic particles to perform mind-boggling processes. At the Creative Destruction Lab—an incubator based at U of T’s Rotman School of ­Management—tech wizards are banking on the quantum future. In September, 40 early-stage entrepreneurs from … Read More

Augmented Reality is a Reality

AWE Augmented World Engines, which builds augmented reality apps for smartphones, is best known for its virtual reality walking tour of Fort York. As visitors walk around the site, they can use a headset to see computer-generated representations of the area at different points in history, including a 3-D rendering of what it would have … Read More

Ross the robot is the city’s best legal mind

Three years ago, a group of U of T alumni created Ross, an AI assistant that helps lawyers find legal precedents for their cases. We talked to co-founder Jimoh Ovbiagele, who heads Ross North, the company’s new AI lab in Toronto

It’s time to capitalize on Toronto’s early lead in artificial intelligence: U of T experts

Thanks in part to research at the University of Toronto, Canada has emerged as an early leader in the artificial intelligence revolution – but truly reaping its rewards will require political vision, an ongoing commitment to diversity and an appetite for winning that, outside of hockey, is rather un-Canadian. That was one of the themes that emerged … Read More

How to turn your brilliant idea into an actual business

Two years into starting a travel photography business, Nicole Smith still wasn’t making any money. A mother of two with a house and mortgage, she was past the point in her life where living on a friend’s couch and surviving on Kraft Dinner seemed acceptable. She had been self-financing her company Flytographer (2017 STARTUP 50: … Read More

Building digital humans: Would-be U of T entrepreneurs to put a non-‘creepy’ human face on digital assistants

Would-be entrepreneurs enrolled in a business of software course at the University of Toronto are being asked to play God in the digital realm. The theme for the course, offered by the department of computer science, is “creating virtual humans” using virtual reality, or VR, technology provided by Quantum Capture, a local Toronto startup that provides … Read More

U of T researchers to feature prominently during three-day Toronto tech festival

Experts and entrepreneurs from the University of Toronto will have a heavy presence at this week’s Elevate Toronto technology “festival” – a new three-day event that showcases Toronto’s emerging status as a leading innovation hub. The festival, which kicks off Tuesday, features a series of conferences and social events at venues across the city on … Read More

The ‘Iron Man’ exoskeleton that can let disabled children walk again

A Canadian startup has developed a device that allows children with disabilities to walk. A new exoskeleton from Tréxō Robotics consists of robotic legs that can attach to any walker and give kids with Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injuries, and other immobilizing conditions the chance to escape the bounds of a wheel chair and move … Read More

The AI revolution spreads its wings in Toronto, and at U of T

Geoffrey Hinton may feel a bit sheepish about his “godfather” of deep learning moniker, but there’s little doubt the University Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto helped spark a revolution in artificial intelligence, or AI, that could eventually touch everyone on the planet. “I feel slightly embarrassed by being called the godfather,” Hinton admits … Read More

Problem solver: why one U of T startup accelerator also works with larger corporations

When Allanson International ran into issues with an LED lamp for commercial kitchens, the Toronto-based lighting and signage firm not only turned to its in-house R&D team for help – it sought out the extensive multidisciplinary expertise available through one of the University of Toronto’s entrepreneurship hubs. In addition to launching startups, the Impact Centre, … Read More