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U of T Engineering startup Deep Genomics secures $5M in seed funding

Deep Genomics, the startup company founded by Professor Brendan Frey and his group in The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, has just announced $5 million ($3.7 million USD) in seed financing. The company, launched in July 2015, aims to revolutionize genomic medicine by applying advanced deep-learning computational techniques to unravel … Read More

Tiny device from U of T startup helps blind and partially sighted people navigate daily life

There’s a story behind the Buzzclip – a clip-on device that detects obstacles in the path of blind and partially sighted people and uses vibration to alert them to obstructions ahead. And the story begins in India. That’s where Arjun Mali spent years volunteering with his family at a blind school and orphanage. His late grandmother was one of the … Read More

Solar-powered lamp from U of T to transform lives in Philippines

Thanks to U of T’s Impact Centre, people in rural parts of the Philippines may soon get access to something that the western world takes for granted: being able to walk into a dark room, flick a switch and get instant light. Professor Cynthia Goh, the Centre’s director, said rural areas of the Philippines, along with … Read More

Meet undergrad Frank Gu, one of the U of T interns lighting up Nanoleaf

How does a second-year undergraduate student nab a coveted internship with a global lighting startup like Nanoleaf? It helps to offer critical thinking, creativity and boundless energy – but having the boss share your intellectually impressive hobby doesn’t hurt. When Nanoleaf CEO Gimmy Chu met electrical and computer engineering student Frank Gu, he discovered that the young applicant was a member of U of … Read More

Social entrepreneurship explained

If you’ve heard the term “social entrepreneur” and wondered what it means, you’re not alone. The latest book from business innovation and strategy guru Roger Martin, institute director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and former dean of U of T’s Rotman School of Management, offers more than a primer for lay readers. Martin also provides … Read More

Nanoleaf launches new product for Apple home system

Nanoleaf, the fast-growing startup from University of Toronto alumni, launched a new product Oct. 27 tied to Apple’s HomeKit line. “We’ve received Apple’s approval to join the HomeKit ecosystem,” said Nanoleaf spokesperson Leslie Chen. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit combines “the world’s most energy efficient smart bulb” and a stylish, connected hub with Apple’s Siri-enabled HomeKit, Chen said. … Read More

Faster, more accurate translations of complex, scientific papers in any language?

Companies wishing to translate regular business documents into other languages can easily find a number of professional services and software tools online. But for those that need to translate highly complex materials on a specialized topic – a medical publisher, say, or pharmaceutical company – the task is much trickier. Not only do you need a … Read More

The search for Canada’s “Next 36” most talented young innovators culminates at U of T

Every year, the best and the brightest students from across Canada apply to become one of “The Next 36”, but only 36 high-impact innovators and entrepreneurs will make the cut. Over the past month, The Next 36 team has been visiting university campuses across Canada in search of the highest quality of students, culminating their whirlwind … Read More

Fashion startup fits like a glove for undergrad entrepreneur

The University of Toronto might not offer a fashion program, but its young entrepreneurs are combining their undergrad education with design savvy to launch styles hitting the streets this winter. “I love to design and I am fascinated by clean details and natural colours,” says Ameek Brar, a fourth-year undergraduate taking the commerce program at U … Read More

Navigating the entrepreneurship waters at the University of Toronto Scarborough

Beware the sharks. Embrace the dragons. That is just some of the essential advice offered to budding entrepreneurs at The Hub, the University of Scarborough’s three-year-old facility supporting students who want to start a business of their own. A good example of the dragons is coming up on October 9, when The Hub will host … Read More