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Rotman School of Management fuels financial innovation

As the second-largest financial centre in North America, Toronto is headquarters of the Canadian financial sector. Many large finance companies are based here; and the region is also home to a burgeoning number of financial start-up companies, particularly those focused on artificial intelligence (AI), digital payments and robo-advising. And while our competitive economy and early … Read More

U of T grad’s AI startup raises US$1.5 million to accelerate cancer drug discovery

Oren Kraus took up coding because, by his own admission, he was not cut out for doing experiments in the lab. Now his artificial intelligence-powered startup has raised US$1.5 million to transform biomedical research and drug discovery. Called Phenomic AI, the startup develops computer vision tools for a faster and more accurate analysis of microscopy … Read More

Education in innovation: U of T grad’s startup experience gives him leg up during job hunt

Anston Emmanuel is about to start a coveted job as an active safety controls development engineer at automotive giant General Motors – a position he secured, strange as it sounds, thanks in part to an unsuccessful effort to launch a biomedical startup at the University of Toronto. Though the startup in question – based around a … Read More

University of Toronto accelerator affiliate shoots for the starry-eyed entrepreneurs

For a Toronto-based innovation accelerator, the final frontier is the next frontier. The Creative Destruction Lab, an accelerator affiliated with the University of Toronto, is now calling for applications specifically from starry-eyed entrepreneurs with space-focused startup ideas. And the new stream already has some star power behind it ― they’ve enlisted Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield … Read More

This Canadian tech company is revolutionizing the way we buy beauty products

As the beauty industry experiments with new ways to incorporate technology into a very tactile product, one Canadian company is leading the charge. ModiFace is an augmented reality outfit that creates tech specifically for beauty companies. Primarily, they’ve developed the ability to simulate trying on beauty products over live video. This technology is so in … Read More

U of T accelerator launches stream for space startups with Chris Hadfield at the controls

The Creative Destruction Lab has helped build dozens of futuristic companies over the years – now it’s seeking entrepreneurs whose ideas are literally out of this world. Working closely with former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the seed-stage accelerator affiliated with the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is launching a dedicated stream for space … Read More

Toronto Startup Blue J Legal Uses AI to Help Predict How Courts will Rule on Employment Law Cases

Employment Foresight, a software developed by Blue J Legal in Toronto, uses machine learning to identify hidden patterns in judicial rulings of past cases, which then helps human resources professionals, crown counsels and other professionals to quickly find out how a court will likely rule on employment law issues. Why wait for your day in … Read More

Students from UoT develop wearable device to help mobility impaired walk

For Indian students, Manmeet Maggu and Rahul Udasi–both 27–of the University of Toronto, the inspiration for Trexo Robotics, a wearable robotic device for children with disabilities, came from Magu’s nephew Praneit who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. “We tested the prototype on Praneit who lives in Delhi. When we watched him taking his first steps … Read More

‘We’re about four or five years ahead of the technology,’ U of T accelerator says of quantum startup program

As an emerging technology, quantum machine learning is about as nascent as it gets. But that hasn’t stopped the Creative Destruction Lab from trying to get far ahead of the game. The seed-stage accelerator affiliated with the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management wrapped up a novel quantum machine learning program this week with a … Read More

The Morning Show Podcast – May 14th, 2018

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