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Like TIFF for tech: Collision conference shines a spotlight on city’s booming innovation scene

Roberto Cervantes and his team at CryptoNumerics are keen to take advantage of next week’s giant Collision tech conference to put the startup co-founded by University of Toronto alumni on the map. One of the world’s fastest-growing and most influential technology conferences, Collision’s arrival in Toronto speaks to the rising importance of the city’s thriving … Read More

U of T’s Medicine by Design invests $1.2 million to advance regenerative medicine research and translation

What can a swarm of drones tell us about how our bodies make blood? Can folding strands of DNA into origami-like structures help researchers engineer more targeted treatments for lupus and multiple sclerosis? What new insights can mathematical and computational modelling offer into how tissues and organs form? These are just a few of the … Read More

How to Build a Driveless Car

In the city of the future, no one will drive a car. Instead, you’ll be ferried around by a fleet of autonomous electric cars that will whiz through the city 24-7, their speed and direction entirely guided by on-board and cloud based computer systems. These cars will never idle, never park. Unless they’re picking up … Read More

Toronto-Waterloo takes top Canadian spot in startup ecosystem rankings, Vancouver nosedives

Vancouver’s place in the startup ecosystem rankings has significantly dropped, while Toronto-Waterloo is making a steady ascent, according to Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report for 2019. Startup Genome’s 2017 report assessed 20 startup ecosystems around the world, but this year, the report published a top 30. Last year’s report provided insight into top innovation … Read More

U of T Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering to launch new AI research centre

A new multidisciplinary research centre at the University of Toronto will leverage the power of artificial intelligence, or AI, to address challenges in a wide range of fields, including human health, sustainability and advanced manufacturing. The new Centre for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering (CARTE) was approved by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering’s … Read More

Startup founded by U of T alumni to clean up the lithium-ion battery supply chain

Li-Cycle was little more than a drawing on the back of a napkin in a Yorkville coffee shop three years ago. Today, the startup founded by University of Toronto alumni is on the verge of an international expansion that its backers believe could fundamentally alter the way that lithium-ion batteries are recycled. Ajay Kochhar, the … Read More

Click Payments Mobile App Emphasizes Security, Privacy and Practicality

The cofounders of Click Payments processing platform aim to simplify and lower transaction fees while growing the digital economy. Zavosh Zaboliyan is excited to be one of the Canadian delegates attending the G20 YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Alliance) summit this May in Fukuoka, Japan, where he’ll represent Canada on the world stage with hundreds of other like-minded innovators from around the world.  Futurpreneur  Canada selected … Read More

‘Grab this opportunity’: U of T alumna’s startup to empower women through connection-focused app

‘Grab this opportunity’: U of T alumna’s startup to empower women through connection-focused app One oft-noted irony of the “social” media age is how much time we spend in physical isolation, staring at our mobile devices. It’s a trend Sandra Pellegrini is hoping to ameliorate – for women at least – via a real-time mobile … Read More

After Boundless, U of T Sets Its Sights Even Higher

After Boundless, U of T Is Setting Its Sights Even Higher | University of Toronto Magazine Last fall, I hosted a celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics. Several scholars from the institute spoke at the event, and each remarked that the opportunity and freedom to pursue curiosity-driven … Read More

Exciting Changes Are Coming to St. George

Over the next decade, these four projects will transform the downtown campus. Exciting Changes Are Coming to St. George | University of Toronto Magazine Since the beginning of the Boundless campaign seven years ago, spectacular new spaces for teaching, learning, research and innovation have opened across U of T’s three campuses. The pace of change … Read More