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How Canadian startups are tackling the COVID-19 crisis

With the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declaring COVID-19 an international pandemic, nations have doubled down on “flattening the curve” of the crisis by imposing unprecedented controls on citizens to slow the spread of the virus and, therefore, save lives and relieve exhausted healthcare systems. America has banned travel from most of continental Europe; regions in … Read More

U of T infectious disease expert’s AI firm now part of Canada’s COVID-19 arsenal

On New Year’s Eve, the software company BlueDot pushed out a notification to its customers about a mysterious illness that appeared in Wuhan, China.  The start-up, which grew out of Dr. Kamran Khan’s research at the University of Toronto, combines natural language processing and machine learning to gather insights on the emergence and spread of infectious … Read More

U of T Engineering students create online map to help track the spread of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada, Shrey Jain and his University of Toronto classmates received notice that all their courses were moving online two weeks ago – and they saw an opportunity. Jain is the leader of, a volunteer-driven push to leverage big data in the fight against COVID-19. In just over a week, he and … Read More

Firm led by U of T alumnus joins fight against COVID-19 with portable test kit

A University of Toronto alumnus is behind a biotech firm that could soon be bringing portable COVID-19 tests to communities across the country — and ultimately around the world.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced the federal government is working with Spartan Bioscience — led by CEO Paul Lem — to adapt the Centers for Disease Control and … Read More

U of T and IIT Bombay to launch entrepreneurship program, shared innovation pipeline

The University of Toronto and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) are developing a new entrepreneurship program that will strengthen ties between the innovation ecosystems in Canada and India, benefitting startups in both countries. The partnership will see the two top-ranked universities implement exchange programs for budding entrepreneurs, support research collaborations and develop a … Read More

Delivering the goods: Customer acquires UTM student startup

A U of T Mississauga student startup that uses crowdsourcing to deliver goods to small businesses has been acquired by its biggest customer. Blip Delivery, founded in 2018 by UTM students affiliated with ICUBE’s accelerator program, is the Uber of deliveries, says co-founder and CEO Srikanth Srinivas, who is in his final year of computer … Read More

Plastic that saves the planet? U of T startup’s novel resin helps industry go green

Nuha Siddiqui was browsing a World Economic Forum report on the future of the plastics industry when she came across an ominous prediction. “It stated that by 2050, there would be more plastic than fish in the ocean,” Siddiqui recalls. That was back in 2016, when Siddiqui was a second-year Rotman Commerce student at the University of Toronto. The … Read More

U of T Entrepreneurship Week: 10 startups to watch

From speeding the discovery of life-saving drugs to reducing the amount of plastic clogging the oceans, University of Toronto entrepreneurs and their startups are engaged in tackling some of the most pressing challenges of the day. Over the past decade, U of T has nurtured 500 startups that have secured some $1.5 billion in investment. … Read More

How U of T startup Shield Crypto Systems helps keep valuable data safe

Data breaches not only endanger people’s privacy and financial information, they can cost companies millions and inflict untold reputational damage. As a PhD student at the University of Toronto, Alhassan Khedr worked on a technology known as “fully homorphic encryption” that can be used to better protect valuable encrypted information. 

U of T Entrepreneurship Week: By the numbers

The University of Toronto is gearing up for its fourth annual Entrepreneurship Week, a celebration of U of T entrepreneurs and their startups. Running from March 9 to 13, Entrepreneurship Week features an array of events hosted by U of T’s campus-linked startup incubators and accelerators, as well as other programming by U of T … Read More